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Las mariposas llegan cada fin de año a México, y en abril retornan a Estados Unidos y Canadá. Credit:  Claudio Contreras
Photo: Monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico at the end of each year, and return to the United States and Canada in April. / Photo credit: Claudio Contreras

By Diego Cevallos

Monarchs without a Throne

In their annual 5,000-km migratory ritual, not all monarch butterflies reach protected sanctuaries. Many alight in other locations in Mexico, where the silence of the forest takes them in and anonymity protects them

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Los pingüinos magallánicos suelen tener la misma pareja durante toda la vida.  Credit: Photo Stock
Photo: Magellan penguins usually mate for life. / Credit: Photo Stock.
By Sandra Guijarro

The Return of the "Bird Children"
From October to March, the Magellan penguins return to land after months at sea, arriving in southern Chile to mate, creating a stirring spectacle for the humans fortunate enough to observe them.

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Asteroide Ida. Fuente: NASA asteroid homepage
Asteroid Ida./ Source: NASA asteroid homepage

Space Rocks
Asteroids stimulate our imaginations about outer space because these relatively small celestial bodies, which share our solar system, pose a danger to life as we know it a large one should happen to collide with Earth.

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Protecting a zoo-park in Venezuela... Costa Rica launches an environmental video contest... Ecology issue to be addressed at World Social Forum... Elephant massacre discovered in Tanzania.

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