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The Toyota Prius is a favorite hybrid car in the United States.
By Katherine Stapp

Car Industry Challenges California Law
In 10 years, all new cars in California must emit at least 30 percent less carbon dioxide, says the first law of its kind in the world. But car manufacturers have filed a lawsuit to halt the legislation. Ford, General Motors and Chrysler ''are at the bottom of the heap when it comes to addressing greenhouse gas emissions,'' Jason Mark, of the Union of Concerned Scientists, told Tierramérica.

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Mapuche children in traditional dress. / Photo credit: COPESA
By Daniela Estrada

Mapuche Culture a Boon to Health and Palate

Chilean Indians are opening pharmacies and restaurants as a means to disseminate their view of the world... and to create jobs. Most of Chile's 600,000 Mapuches live in poverty.

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By Tito Drago

Spain Lags Behind in Kyoto Protocol Compliance
Spain is the European nation with the biggest increase in greenhouse gas emissions since 1990. Many companies are expected to turn to Latin America in order to meet their emissions reduction quotas. The energy company Endesa has announced it will invest 3.2 billion dollars in the region.

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By Mario Osava

Industry's Hidden Environmental Costs
Contaminated soil threatens the health of some two million people in Brazil, say authorities. Gas stations are the leading culprits behind this type of pollution in the state of Sao Paulo, the nation's industrial center.

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Violence Against Environmental Activists
The assassination on Feb. 12 of Dorothy Stang, a U.S.-born Catholic nun working in the Brazilian Amazon state of Pará, turned international attention to the human rights of environmental activists. Tierramérica offers this guide for navigating the issue on the Internet.

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The wax palm. / Photo credit: Juan Manuel Rengifo
Holy Week without palm fronds... Fear that Mexico will ''export'' law on transgenics... Oil companies resist ethanol... 320 million dollars to fight Honduran water shortage... To jail for littering in Guatemala...

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