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By Gustavo González

The Sins of the Salmon Industry
Salmon farming in Chile, second in the world only to Norway, represents 30,000 direct jobs. But NGOs denounce the industry's labor practices.

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By Mario Osava

''Lula frustrated our expectations''
The Brazilian president has lacked the political drive to keep the promises he made to the country's indigenous peoples, Jecinaldo Barbosa Cabral, a leader of the Amazonian communities, said in a conversation with Tierramérica.

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By José Luis Alcázar

Pilcomayo River to Be Saved from Ruin
Work is under way to design a management plan to recover the clogged watershed of the Pilcomayo River, which extends across 270,000 square km in Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay.

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Experts gather in Guatemala to discuss water crisis... Venezuelan environmental workers to release young caimans... Cuba continues to use ozone-depleting methyl bromide... Brazilian boat provides aid to riverbank populations... Chile to compensate victims of mining pollution...

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